Do you love a wreath currently in stock, but would like to swap colors?

Or do you have an idea for a wreath that you’d like us to create from scratch?  Make a custom design request.  Here’s how:



  1.  Complete the form below to give us your specifications.
  2. Upon review, we’ll email you to confirm receipt.
  3. You’ll receive an invoice to submit a $25 deposit.
  4. For Color Customization Requests, you will receive a photo of your wreath within 3-5 days, after which you have first consideration to purchase.
  5. For Custom Design Requests, you’ll receive a photo of the newly created wreath within 5-7 days, at which time you have first consideration to purchase.
  6. In either case, once you have confirmed your desire to purchase,  you’ll receive an invoice for the balance of the cost of the wreath plus shipping and it will ship within 1 business day of purchase.
  7. Wreaths that have not been purchased after three days of photo delivery will be added to the general inventory.
  8. If you decide for any reason not to purchase, your non-refundable deposit can be applied to another item in our boutique.  Deposits are not refundable for cash or gift cards.

Ready to get started?

i.e. "Philadelphia Eagles Theme," "Cosmetics Theme," "Golf Theme"
Choose up to 3 DESCRIPTIVE colors. (i.e. "sky blue," "olive green:)
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